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this is a non-exhaustive list of rules which i (and others) would consider imperative to a satisfying, less stressful and more productive life.

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humans are deuterostomes, which means our anuses form before our mouths. this means we all start life as assholes.
some of us will end our lives as assholes too, with very little change in between. don't be one of those people.
teaching a child not to kill a cockroach out of reflexive fear or hate is as valuable to the child as it is to the cockroach.
you are made of stardust and accidents. we all are. the odds for you to exist and be reading this right now are astronomically small. remember it. act like it.
generally speaking, there's very little benefit to giving a shit what random people think of you. dye your hair if you want to. wear the weird earrings.
there is merit in taking action quickly and working out the particulars later. there is also merit in being certain of the situation before you act. the tricky part is working out which one to apply and when.
it's usually better to do it and deal with the consequences than to spend ages wondering what might have happened if you did it.
if you break a plate, and apologise to it, the plate will still be broken. understand that trust and commitment are like this too.
scars tell the story of your life. you should be proud of them, but it doesn't mean you should seek to get more.

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